Engine is seeking teaching artists and makers who are committed and experienced in bringing art, design, and STEAM education to area youth.

We are dedicated to providing exciting vacation camps, workshops, and after school programs for youth by outstanding artist-instructors who can also be supportive counselors and mentors.


COMPENSATION: unpaid (will work with internship placement offices to arrange for school credit when needed)

Engine is seeking an energetic, flexible, and enthusiastic Intern who is interested in working with youth ages 7-14.

OPEN CALL FOR INSTRUCTORS: Have something you like to teach? We are always looking to expand our teaching roster for future programs. New ideas are always welcome, as well as cross discipline approaches to workshops. Qualified individuals are invited to submit sample proposals to apply for consideration in the following areas: drawing, painting, printmaking, illustration, animation, graphic design, industrial design, game design, 3d printing and rapid prototyping, ceramics, photography, wood working, fibers/textiles, book arts, and mixed media.

Submit a proposal: Send a proposal and a resumé. Proposals would include 1) dates available, 2) a brief description of the camp, class, or workshop proposed, 3) desired age range of participants, 4) and the length of the program. Programs can be week-long whole days, week-long half days, weekend-long workshops, and one-time 2-3 hour sessions. 

If you don’t have a specific proposal in mind but would like to be considered for future opportunities, please send along a resume and cover letter and we can keep you on file.


  1. Minimum 18 years of age.
  2. Teaching experience working with youth.
  3. Professional artistic training, background, and work demonstrated through work samples, photos, or other documentation.
  4. Sincere respect for children and demonstrated work ethic and professionalism to serve as a mentor and role model.
  5. Holds unwavering respect for students and individuals with different gender and sexual identities, cultural backgrounds, and physical and mental abilities, and asks for help when needed in supporting these populations.
  6. Ability to work well in a small community.
  7. Is collaborative, punctual, flexible, energetic, and enthusiastic.
  8. Ability to provide leadership and to communicate clearly.
  9. Able  to organize, implement, and successfully complete projects in a learning and work environment with limited supervision.

VOLUNTEER! Not an instructor you say? Or you want to offer support for our instructors. No problem! We are always SEEKING VOLUNTEERS! Volunteering can be a great way to build your experience to lead future camps, classes, and workshops. Register as a VOLUNTEER here!