York County is growing and attracting new residents and businesses every week. We are celebrating business owners and their entrepreneurial spirit during the week of February 16-23 in Biddeford during National Entrepreneurs week. Small business owners don’t always think of themselves as entrepreneurs but they take the same risks to bring a new product or service to the marketplace as do founders of a technology based company. Biddeford is home to a number of growing retail, service and industrial companies.
We are offering some exciting programs to promote discussion, collaboration, education and awareness of key business resources that can help you start and grow your business in Maine and beyond.
SPONSORED BY Furman Gregory Deptula, Engine: Propelling the Creative Community, Heart of Biddeford, and Think Tank Biddeford.

Preparing for Sea Level Rise March 7

Interested in how sea level rise will impact your community over the next century?
Join us at Engine for a free presentation and discussion presented by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.
This sea level rise program brings local relevancy to global scientific data through local history, maps, and case studies.
    The 90 Minute Presentation Covers the Following Topics

  • Storm Surge
  • Global Warming and Changing Climate Trends
  • Sea Level Rise Simulations
  • Community Resilience and Preparedness
The program is free .
Questions? Please contact: Artie Fischer Volunteer Coordinator and Events at


Join our cast of young aspiring actors from the area for our dress rehearsal and/or performance of Rapunzel, a fractured fairytale, adapted by Karen Boettcher-Tate. A fairy tale is one type of story under the heading of folk tales. So, what is a fractured fairy tale? It is a fairy or other folk tale that has been modified in such a way as to make us laugh at an unexpected characterization, plot development or contrary point of view.

DRESS REHEARSAL: Thursday March 1 at 6:30pm

PERFORMANCE: Friday March 2 at 6:30pm

TICKETS $5 (children grades K-12 free) • TICKETS

This is the first performance that Engine’s Children’s Theater will perform for the community. Please come out and support these wonderful youngsters.


Lauren Boislard
Taya Bouchord
Madison Boren-McKellar
Addie Burman
Kayla Arsenault
Jack Squires
Sam Rubin
Achayo Katanga
Erin McNeilly
Robert Stetson
Gideon Walters

Courtney Wood


Rene Shwartzbuckle is cuckoo for a turnip-like vegetable called rapunzel. When she spots a mouth-watering patch of the plant in Witch Izwitch’s garden, she sends her husband Walt out to ’borrow’ some. Witch Izwitch is certainly not amused! With her diabolical henchmen, the Glumpwarts, she terrorizes Walt into promising her his firstborn child in exchange for his freedom. We then jump ahead many years to Rapunzel (now you know where the name comes from!) Shwartzbuckle’s 18th birthday. The witch and the Glumpwarts show up as promised and whisk poor, innocent Rapunzel away to a tower in the forest. From here, a boisterously entertaining rescue attempt begins! (The technical aspects of ’hair climbing’ are handled quite simply.) Can Prince Llewellyn persevere over the powers of evil? Filled with plenty of action and fresh, hysterical characters (such as the sages Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme!), this show gives a new twist to an old story and a gentle message about the nature of beauty.


In conjunction with Engine’s current exhibition Bought and Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking, Engine will screen two important films: Not My Life and Fields of Mudan on Saturday, February 10 starting at 5pm.

5pm: Not My Life (run time: 1 hr 24 minutes) by Robert Bilheimer, narrated by Glenn Close, is a film depicting the horrible and cruel ways of human trafficking today. The film is based on a global scale, focusing mostly on trafficked children. Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life takes viewers into a world where millions of children are exploited, every day, through an astonishing array of practices including forced labor, domestic servitude, begging, sex tourism, sexual violence, and child soldiering. Please find more information by visiting


6:30pm:Fields of Mudan (run time: 23 minutes) from the Florida State University Graduate Film Conservatory, directed by Stevo, is a film portraying young girls who are forced into modern day brothel slavery by an insensitive and cruel brothel owner. Please find more information by searching “Fields of Mudan.”

While these films are very important to watch and understand, please take note that they might be hard to watch for some audience members.

Feel free to come to one or both of the films.


Shawn James (Acoustic)

Shawn James’ blend of blues, folk & soul music is full of contrasts–dark and light, anger and joy, earthy and airborne–while remaining gritty and real.

Since releasing his first album in the fall of 2012, his music has reached millions of people. His songs have been featured on CBS, HBO, The Discovery Channel and most recently in Sony Playstation’s trailer for their upcoming blockbuster game “The Last of Us 2”.

Shawn James brings extreme passion to his music. You feel it in the imaginative, highly nuanced songwriting and see it in the powerful live shows where there’s never the slightest hesitation and nothing is held back. And, most importantly, you can hear it resonate in Shawn’s most powerful instrument: the unique, soulful voice that sounds like it is literally being torn out of his heart…and it is something you won’t soon forget.

+ December 2016 – “Through the Valley” – #1 Viral Track on Spotify Global

+ “Through the Valley” – Sony PlaySation trailer for the game The Last of Us Part II

+ Music featured on CBS, HBO, Discovery Channel and Sony.

+ Over 190,000 listeners on Spotify per Month.

+ “American Hearts” Youtube video – Over 3.5 Million views – most all other videos average 80K to 200K views.

All of Shawn’s recordings, solo and with his band can be found on Bandcamp.

Video: Thief and the moon

Video: Pendulum Swing


Video: Through the valley

Video: The Devil is Running Mate

Shawn James website

IMAGE: Painting by Daire Lynch Art


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2018 finds Lou without obligations to his bands and ready to bring acoustic guitars and his extensive back-catalogue on the road for a series of intimate solo performances. Requests will be taken, stories will be told and Lou will be in the best setting to share the emotionally direct, melodic songs he’s known for.

Lou Barlow began writing songs in 1981 inspired by bands like Minor Threat (from of the explosive ‘first wave’ hardcore movement) but also by the AM radio of his childhood. The earnest soft rock of John Denver and the fiery self-dissection of Black Flag made an equal impression on him. The first official results of these pendulum swings were released as contributions to the 1984 Deep Wound 7”( the ultra-fast noise band he founded with J Mascis) and lo-fi, acoustic song fragments submitted to a local college radio show. By 1986 he was home recording his first acoustic LP  “Weed Forestin’” and touring his ear-splitting post-hardcore collaboration with J,  Dinosaur Jr.  He left Dinosaur Jr. in 1989 and his work morphed into the band Sebadoh. This merged his schizophrenic musical urges throughout the 1990’s. As Sebadoh rose to national prominence and helped define the emerging Indie Rock genre, the band streamlined. Ever restless, Lou channeled his acoustic leanings into the side-project Sentridoh and began the Folk Implosion. That collaboration with John Davis would yield several experimental garage/trip-hop infused LP’s and a bona-fide top 40 hit in 1995 with “Natural One”.

In 2005 Lou finally released a proper, under his own name, solo LP: “EMOH”. The LP was an acoustic-based, singer-songwriter , studio-recorded effort that began a run of 4 similar collections culminating with 2016’s “Apocalypse Fetish” EP. Concurrently he rejoined Dinosaur Jr and contributed songs to their successful 4 LP (and counting) reunion era.