Thank you to those of you who have helped Engine get where it is today. Without your support, we wouldn’t be where we are…a hub of creativity in downtown Biddeford, helping to attract new business and interest onto Main Street. As 2017 approaches, we want to share some of our big plans for the new year and ask for your support. Thank you to those of you who have helped Engine get where it is today. Here are our plans:

  • More performances: Starting January 2017, we’ll be hosting documentary film nights with film director Michael Nickles.
  • More music: We’re looking to book 12 shows a year of known acts in our current space to start building a music following.
  • More youth arts + design education offerings: Our Education and Outreach Coordinator is busy planning our 2017 camp and workshop calendar. We are working more closely with the local schools to develop relevant expanded learning opportunities and are excited about those community relationships.
  • More retail: We aspire to build out a space to present work done by local designers under the exclusive Engine label.
  • A fully-outfitted Maine FabLab: A CNC router and a laser cutter will round out the equipment needed to be an approved MIT-style FabLab. The capacity will allow us to support the cottage industry as well as teach youth and adults how to use CAM. The Compass Project will be able to cut full-size boat kits for their programs as well.
  • The Marble Block: The biggie. Visit the Marble Block website for updates here.

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Thank you and we hope to see your smiling face at Engine in 2017!