8-Week Painting Course: Quick Studies with Kerrin Parkinson (14+)

Quick studies are an important part of the artist’s process. Taking the extra time to delve into the many choices involved in developing such things as focal point, composition, color, temperature and texture. We will be looking at and studying historical and contemporary examples of artists using quick studies as well as creating many of our own. This class is designed for any artist working in any medium. Focusing on personal pieces, subject matter is chosen by each artist. We will start in black and white, exploring some drawing media (ex. charcoal or pen and ink) and lead into a variety of small scale color studies focusing on exploring compositional, temperature and saturation changes. Have fun exploring.

Fee includes a base of supplies, surfaces, and some paints, inks, and other specialty tools.

Students are responsible for bringing their favorite paints, brushes and a sketchbook.

Ages 14+. Installment plan available.


Kerrin is an instructor who works with students of all ages within The Continuing Studies Program at Maine College of Art. http://www.kerrinparkinson.com/artist-statement/