Build Your Own 3D Printer Workshop (Ages 14+)

Build Your Own 3D Printer Workshop (Ages 14+)

Class dates:

Friday, August 3, 5pm-7pm – Meet n’ Greet, Kit Preparations

Saturday, August 4, 9am-4pm – Kit Assembly

Sunday, August 5, 9am-12pm – Update firmware, debug, complete first prints

Tuition and Materials:

Early Bird Pricing = $400 if you register on or before June 1st

Open Registration= $450 if you register June 2-July 13

Registration Closes = July 14th – to allow time for custom parts to be fabricated for your kit. No refunds or cancellations can be granted after this date.

Class Description:

In this weekend workshop, each student will be supplied with their own 3D printer kit, as well as additional custom upgrades that complement and improve the stock kit’s performance. During our three days together, everyone will be guided through the assembly of their own 3D printer, learn how to update and edit the firmware, and of course learn how to setup and run a 3D print. Owning your own personal 3D printer allows prototyping and projects to become real, allowing you to communicate and share your ideas with others in a more solid, physical form.

About the Printer:

Participants will build the Anet A8, a useful yet affordable 3D printer with a build volume larger than some of the thousand dollar plus Makerbots. The Anet A8 is also very well known in the open source crowd, thus upgrades are almost limitless and users can easily find detailed instruction on how to constantly improve their print quality.

Printer Specs include:

Number of Extruders: 1

Extruder Diameter: 0.4mm

Max Print Speed: 100mm/s

Max Print Size: 220x220x240mm

Printable Materials: PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood Poly, PVA, PP

Other items included as part of this class that are not found in a stock kit include:

Anycubic Ultrabase – Hands down, one of the best print surfaces ever!

Mosfets for added electrical Safety

Power Switch

As well as hours worth of printed upgrades that include:

Motherboard Case

Cable Chains X & Y for Axes

Belt Tensioner

Instructor Bio:

Neil Yarumian is a local resident, designer, and student with backgrounds in architecture and of course 3D printing. He was bit by the 3D printer bug a few years ago and is now operating four printers from his home in Buxton. While pursuing his architecture degree Neil uses his 3D printers to prototype projects large and small.

For More Information: Contact Shaun Gill, \\ 207-370-9130