Oktoberfest Fundraiser for Engine

Every day of the year, Engine does something special to celebrate and nurture local artists of all ages. So let’s raise a glass, shout Prost! and support this wonderful organization on Main Street. 

On September 30, Engine is hosting an Oktoberfest fundraiser in Biddeford’s historic Pepperell Mill. There will be festive German food, paired with brews from Banded Horn and cocktails from Round Turn Distilling. DJs Dragonsbeard and Poodleslayer (yes, they are real DJs) will offer up German dance tunes. Cocktail party attire and prizes for the best Oktoberfest-dressed partygoers. There will also be games and prizes.

German is a fun language, filled with words we can’t translate directly to English. One of those words is Fahrvergnügen. It literally means “driving enjoyment.” But it’s better than that. Think of being out on an open road, no particular destination. You step on the gas. Freedom. That’s Fahrvergnügen. And that’s what Engine creates in Biddeford. An opportunity to take a road less travelled. This multidisciplinary arts space is the fuel that propels our creative community.​

Don your lederhosen and dirndls and buy your tickets now!

A special thanks to the Pepperell Mill Campus for donating space in their historic mill, which is home to so many local artisans!


Stephen Abbott + Lauren Hamlin
Christy Bergland + Mary Morgan
Jim + Julia Brady
Joe + Pam Cardin
Victoria Foley
Gabrielle Gallucci + Nathaniel Koonce
Paul + Deb Gelardi
Amy + Martin Grohman
Steven + Jocelyn Kelly
Celia Johnson McConnell + Ian McConnell
Peter + Eve McPheeters
Margaret O’Neil
Don + Linsey Pilon
Doug + Lauren Sanford
Renate + Bill Riggs
Rob Tillotson + Lynn Lamontagne
Carol Wilson


Banded Horn | Round Turn Distilling | Pepperell Mill Campus | Stem & Vine