Visible Mending

Bring something to mend and join Samantha Hoyt Lindgren from A Gathering of Stitches for a relaxing workshop at the Maker Faire. Set your kids free to explore and find some time for yourself.

To ensure a seat, please register.

About the workshop: Would you like to extend the life of your favorite clothing? Do you have jeans with holes that make them unwearable? Mending is an age-old technique that teaches you to care for your garments and keep them in your closet for longer.  With some simple techniques including basic hand sewing and re-purposing of found materials, you can fix your beloved clothes and continue to wear them instead of throwing them out.

Samantha will show some basic techniques for cleaning up tears, attaching patches, and adding creative stitching to your favorite jeans, or other garments. She will also share some general information about the Slow Fashion movement and what it means in our day to day lives. 

About the Instructor: Samantha Lindgren is a Maker with a concentration in textiles. She has been sewing and knitting from a young age, and finds these analog practices the perfect antidote to our digital experience. A Gathering of Stitches is her brainchild, through the business she leads stitching retreats here in Maine that focus on slowing down and being thoughtful about sewing, creating, sourcing, and consuming.  She has brought some of the leading Makers in the modern world of quilting, garment sewing, and natural dyeing to Maine to share their knowledge and expertise. 

This is a free workshop but tips for the instructor will be encouraged!