Intro to Screen Printing as an Art Form: Drawing Fluid Method

February 2, 2019 / 11am-2pm / $35
Registration deadline: January 27, 2019

For beginners. Others welcome to but the class will be very basic. Please bring a T-shirt, tea towel, or tote. Learn how to print on fabric! Hand paint a graphic on a silkscreen while exploring negative and positive imagery. Learn the popular technique called the Drawing Fluid method. Once you’ve completed your artwork, practice using your screen on paper and fabric. You will walk away from the day with a your own screen for you to use at home or we’ll store for you for future use in Engine’s screen printing studio as a member.

2-Part Moldmaking and Casting with Concrete

February 9, 2019 / 11am-1pm / $65
Registration deadline: January 27, 2019

Learn how to make a 2-part mold from urethane and silicone for a 3D object and cast with concrete to make multiples. Master mold-maker Robert Bennett Jr. will lead you through the process from making the fence to the actual casting.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: This is a two-session workshop since the mold has to cure overnight. Each session will be two hours long, from 11am-1pm.

You will get your own trial size of VytaFlex®30 to use for future or multiple molds ($27.78 included in class fee)

Painting Fast and Slow with Amanda Hawkins

March 16, 2019 / 11am-2pm / $55
Registration deadline: March 10, 2019

An introduction to thinking, drawing and painting in an abstract manner. Pulling ques from reality, we will use the still life, surrounding landscape, and photographs as input for abstraction. Students will explore mark marking techniques, build color palettes, and trick their minds in thinking differently through a series of non-traditional drawing and painting exercises. We will study the work of Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Robert Motherwell and Raimonds Staprans.

Painting: Essence of Place with Amanda Hawkins

June 8, 2019 / 10am-5pm / $110
Registration deadline: June 2

An introduction to traditional landscape painting with an emphasis on expressive color and gestural mark. Students will explore the defining/subtle qualities of their determined place and the different ways this can be interpreted through traditional drawing, color studies, and a larger, more involved painting. We will look closely at the work of Edward Hopper, Richard Diebenkorn, Raimonds Staprans, Louisa Matthíasdóttir.