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Need a cost-effective method of prototyping? We want to help you realize your idea by providing both 3D design and prototyping services.


Our designer/technician is available to do a design/prototyping consultation that involves discussing your project, opening and inspecting your file, troubleshooting, and estimating print times/weights. Consultations do not include any design time and typically are limited to an hour. Our fees for consultations are:

  • Individuals/Startups: $35.00/hr
  • Business/Corporate: $60.00/hr

Consultation fees are payable upon visit.


Maine FabLab offers 3D design modeling for your product idea, as well as prototyping. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Consultation rates:

  • $60/hr.* Using Solidworks or another 3D modeling program, we’ll make your idea a reality. We will sign non-disclosure agreements when requested and connect you to resources for product development and/or production if desired.
    *Billable in 1/2 hour increments with a minimum of 1/2 hour.


Longer prints are only allowed with permission of lab technician. Long prints are problematic in that frequently prints run overnight and no one is available in case of print fail or machine problems.

TOTAL COST = Material fee + Processing fee + Machine fee + Cleanup fee + Possible rush charge

Any and all prints, except for classes, will be run by our FabLab technician or trained interns/volunteers.

LAB HOURS: By appointment. Contact Engine.


Please contact us for information on where to send files.


Please contact us before coming to pick up your print to be sure its ready. We may have encountered printing or design errors.


We would be happy to purchase Maine FabLab approved PLA filament in the color of your choice that you can store outside of the lab for your own use. However, we restrict the types of filaments to be used on our equipment as some brands have proven to be less reliable than others. Please inquire.


  • Maine FabLab is a fabrication studio for prototyping and education, not manufacturing. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • We cannot guarantee structural stability or perfect tolerance with 3D printing.