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Casting call for SHORT FILM – SEEKING CHILD, TEEN and ADULT ACTORS.  This socially-relevant, student-made drama is being produced by an award-winning creative team, including filmmaker Michael A. Nickles.

A teenager is asked to give a speech at his high school graduation party and must face his deepest fear and tell the truth, in order to expose a town secret. This short film could be compared to the dialogue-driven, character-based teen dramas “Love, Simon” and “The Spectacular Now.”

WHEN: Monday August 5th and Tuesday August 6th from 5-7pm

WHERE: Engine, 128 Main Street in downtown Biddeford (next to ELDA restaurant)

Here’s the script.

Cast would need to be on call those days

$100 stipend for lead role (“Andy”)
$75 for supporting role (“Cath”)
$50 for featured roles (“Brenda”, “Jamie”, “Lucy”, and “Coach Brian.”)

TO AUDITION: Please email your NAME, a CURRENT PHOTO, WHAT DAY/TIME you would like to audition, and WHAT ROLE you are interested in to: projectaware@feedtheengine.org

A script will be emailed to you. You will be reading ONE SCENE ONLY. You do NOT need to have it memorized but please try to be prepared.

If you cannot make the casting call, you may email a request to submit your audition via YouTube or Vimeo video link, but personal attendance is preferred. Thank you.

ANDY (16-20 range) – newly graduated from high school, he must give a speech at his graduation party. He is intelligent, funny, sensitive, gay, courageous. Memories surface during the party of an unwanted sexual advance made earlier by an authority figure at school

CATH (16-20 range) – Andy’s best friend. She has a distinctly “cool” air about her and a faux non-chalant attitude. She seems supportive and encouraging but surprises Andy with a lack of sensitivity.

BRENDA (40s) – Andy’s mother. A practical looking woman, concerned with appearances. She doesn’t have much patience for Andy’s wavering about giving a speech.

JAMIE (16-20) – Andy’s brother. Handsome, confident, athletic. He breezes through his own speech with aplomb and is surprised by his younger brother’s reason for resisting giving one.

LUCY (10-12 range) – Andy’s little sister. She idolizes Andy and unknowingly inspires him to speak his truth.

COACH BRIAN (30s) – clean cut, confident. His presence at the party gives Andy a panic attack.

VARIOUS OTHER SPEAKING ROLES (all ages) – one or two lines of dialogue.

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