Engine is the heart of the demographic of a widening economic and equality division in this town. According to parents, 76% say that after school programs help them keep their jobs.

Our goal is to provide services to everyone, even those who may need financial assistance. To do this we provide two financial aid options: payment plans so that individuals and families can stretch out their payments over time, and/or sliding scale pricing.

Payment Plans: Engine understands that financial barriers aren’t always lack of funding, but an inability to pay entire amount at once. We offer the opportunity to break up the payment into installments so folks can stretch out their payment over time.

Sliding Scale: This can be defined as, “a system in which the amount that people are required to pay changes according to income and financial need.” We are operating our sliding scale on the honor system, meaning that everyone will assess their own financial need, no questions asked. In order to make a sliding scale work in the most effective manner, it has to be build on community trust. Here at Engine we hope that when applying for the sliding scale you are honest with your responses on financial needs, so that we can support the sustainability of our programs, pay instructors fairly, and provide low-cost options for those who have financial barriers.

Below is a guideline that we hope is helpful in assessing where participants fall on the sliding scale. This is just a suggestion and may differ from person to person:

Higher End: This is the cost charged to all students who don’t have financial difficulty and/or don’t need financial assistance. Example: people who regularly (once a year or more) pay for airline travel for recreation, or pay to eat at restaurants regularly.

Middle Range: This is for folks who can meet basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, etc, but who still need some financial assistance for extra-curricular activities.

Lower End: This is for people who cannot participate in our program if they don’t have financial help. Folks who struggling to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, childcare, medical care, etc.

We are happy to answer any questions or provide assistance any time.

Please email our Education and Outreach Director for more information.