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All of Engine’s youth programs are offered on a sliding scale policy. We want to make it possible for anyone, no matter their circumstances, to be part of Engine’s youth programs.

How it works

If you can pay full price, please do! Every dollar will go to pay hard-working staff and offset subsidized enrollment. If you can’t pay full price, we still want you at Engine! Our sliding scale is available for anyone who needs to use it.   

How much should I pay?

To help people make informed decisions, we’re including a suggested table of what sliding scale might look like for different income brackets. These are suggestions, not firm numbers–we assume that people will make an honest assessment of their own financial situation which is unique from family to family.

Estimated Costs

Depending on family size and total family income, you will match your family with a sliding-scale slot at 25%, 50%, or 75% of full cost. Consult chart below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the sliding scale? What if I can’t pay anything? Look at the appropriate sliding scale chart for the program you are registering for to find your promo code. If you are applying for a 100% free spot, email learn@feedtheengine.org for a unique promo code. When you are registering online through our Eventbrite site, you’ll be able to enter your promo code during checkout. There is no separate application for sliding scale and we assume that people will be honest about their financial situation when using these codes.

When should I consider using the sliding scale? If you fall within the suggested income brackets. If you’re sending more than one kid to Parts and Crafts, or planning to come for more than one session. If it would otherwise be useful for you to do so. If you are currently unemployed, underemployed, or otherwise experiencing financial difficulty. We ask that people not use explicitly use the sliding scale to offset more expensive camp or independent school options elsewhere (we know that child care is expensive – but we also think we’re worth it!)

Am I eligible for a free spot? If you are eligible for free lunch (roughly $35,000 total income for a family of four) you are eligible for a free spot. For a more accurate estimate, please check the relevant sliding scale table above.

Help us expand these programs!  

You can support these programs by donating directly. If Engine has made a difference in your child’s life, consider paying it forward and helping to support these important programs.